Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post number two from John C. Campbell

I started laying out my project Sunday night, however, I did not finish. I finished the layout on Monday morning so basically I got my paper drawing transfered to a steel table so that hot metal can be compared to the drawing.

The first task is to forge the pieces for the outer frame. I started with the lower and upper cross bar pieces. My drawing said 1/4x1-inch but after consulting with the instructor, it was determined to go with 3/8x1-inch flat bar. I had to upset the ends (bulge the ends,) and then forge a tenon on the end. I had to do some mathematical figuring to allow for stock changes in the metal to make sure the finished product was the right size.

These are the lower cross bars for both sides of the project. (Remember I am doing two end pieces so two of the drawing.) Each piece is labled so that all of the "FA" pieces will go together and all of the "FB" pieces will go together.

This is an upset end. Notice the top of the picture shows the original stock size and the bottom shows the upset or bulged end.

Here is one of the rectangular 1/4x1/2-inch tenons. The first set were a bit rough, but the others are turning out quite well as I am getting the hang of the tooling.......oh yea and the 110 Pound BIG BLUE power hammer.

Here are the two curved cross bars for the top sides. I spent a whole lot of time on those curves to get them right. I got the tenons on one side, but haven't gotten to the other side yet.

This morning I will finish out the tenons and then move to a ball test piece. (I forgot that part.) The test pieces I did at home have thus far served me in good stead. The measurements that I recorded are being added into stock figuring, and are completely accurate. Hopefully it will stay that way. 

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Blacksmith Chase said...

Well I am glad you enjoy working with Clay if he is a faster worker than Jerry Darnell..... And that old man just about worked me to death!!! LOL