Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More progress on the custom table

I have a number of jobs I'm currently working on, one of which is the table mentioned in my last post. This is the custom 24-inch diameter by 30-inch tall bedside table. This evening I assembled the legs and central eliments, after trimming all of the legs to size and a couple other pre-assembly steps.

Here is an overview......remember, this is a workshop not a "keeping things clean" convention. Everything in my shop is dirty, sharp, hot or a combination of those, and tools are generally here and as they are frequently used.

This is the central blossom and diagonal scroll assembly where the half-circle legs come in together.

 The "Habermann Bend" square corner, which is featured in this table.

The last major piece to be forged is the top circular ring. The wooden top is about to get under way in the wood shop as well. More updates later on!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick work update

Business has been super busy over the past several months. I have a steady stream of work coming in, and I'm currently lining work up out through the second week of June.

One of my current projects is a version of my small end table design. I am doing a custom table, based off of the same design, but larger. This table is going to measure about 30 inches high by 24 inches in diameter.
Here is a quick picture of the original table. The original size is 16-inches in diameter by 20-inches tall.

Construction is going well. The process started with laying out a full scale side view of the table frame, and a shop improvised jig for bending the legs accurately.

I currently have nearly all of the major components forged out, including the legs and central elements. The legs need extensive hand sanding before assembly begins.

                                               Here is a picture of the basic profile drawing.

Here are the legs, the central diagonal scrolls, and the center core.