Wednesday, November 16, 2011

pictures from travel to/from John C. Campbell

After my last John C Campbell class, I headed East instead of West. I had to deliver nearly 8000 pounds of steel parts to Chapel Hill North Carolina.....six hours east of John C Campbell Folk School. The trip was made without incident, although it was quite foggy on the curvy mountain roads during the first 1 hour of the trip. There was some very beautiful scenery though a camera doesn't capture it.

First, here is our cabin just before we left John C Campbell. Notice the density of the fog.

On the road!

Once we got to Chapel Hill, we had to unload the metal. 16 pieces of 6 1/2-7 1/2-inch solid round steel cut 36-inches long. Each of these weighs from 400-500 pounds. 6 pieces of 2x6-inch flat bar also 36-inches long.
Loading on the tractor forks! 

Moving them to the drop-off pile.

Dropping them off!

We stayed over night and then headed back. The return trip, though a full 11 hours, was rather straight forward. It was 10 minutes to I-40, we got on I-40 West, and took that to Cookville Tennessee, two hours South of our place.
There was a tunnel on the way home.

We went through it.

And then I wanted a picture of the "light at the end of the tunnel." It turned out more like the "atomic explosion at the end of the tunnel." This was taken just before our vehicle was enveloped in the flame rush!

Very pretty drive between Ashville NC and Knoxville Tn.

I drove all the way through.

Somewhere in the mountains, there was an exit with nothing more than a gas station, two resturants, and two rafting companies. We stopped here to eat at "The Bean Tree Cafe." We ate on a porch overlooking the river.

I'm a hamburger guy. They had some sort of awesome crazy hamburger that had a beef pattie, fried egg, ham, bacon, lettuce, onion, onion ring, and avacodo. Talk about a BURGER!

The rafting company was closed for the season, but as I hoped, their swinging bridge was open.

The rafting company apparently also does zip-lines. Here is the zip-line tower!

Here is some other sort of configuration of terror!

Gotta love the guy that invented self-timer on cameras huh!

The creepy viaduct under the road!

Some sort of air poluting tower.....but it looked neat reflecting on the water.

Finally......NEVER drive west at sunset!


Blacksmith Chase said...

11 hours!!!! What a drive!!!!! If I had to sit in a truck for 11 hours I would go CRAZY!!!!

AwaydownSouth said...

Some nice pictures.

amateur blacksmith said...

Looks like you had a good time to me.