Saturday, June 29, 2013

Finished table!

I finished the custom table a few weeks ago and got it shipped to its new Louisville Ky. home.

Here are the final in-studio pics.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

End table almso complete

Here is a preview glance of the end table / night stand I am working on. The only remaining part is finishing up the wooden top.

The top is made from solid furniture grade black walnut and the boards selected for the top are hand picked for the most beautiful grain patterns.
A top this wide, has to be laminated from several boards placed next to each other and glued. This top is four boards wide. The glue is the best on the market, waterproof, and so strong that if you attempt to split the wood at the joint, the wood will split next to or across the glued joint but never down the glued joint. The glue is actually stronger than the wood itself.

The top is actually made square and much larger than needed to allow the best section to be chosen.

The top is then traced directly on the table frame for the most accurate fit possible, and then cut on an upright wood-cutting band saw. The table top undergoes five stages of prepping before it is ready for the finish stain. It is first planed flat to the desired thickness, it is then sanded with 60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit, and finally 220 grit sand paper. 

Once I am satisfied that the top fits properly and the wood is sanded to perfection, it is ready for stain. Here it is with the first coat.

The rest of the coats of finish will be applied today and tomorrow, and the table should be shipping out to it's owner on Monday.