Custom Fireplace Screen: private residence Louisville, Kentucky
 fireplace set with an organic tree theme, private residence, North Carolina

detail of tool handles

detail of hooks on tool stand

custom fireplace mantle for a client in Columbia Kentucky
This particular fireplace mantle was designed and built to feature hidden joinery, a hook bar for Christmas stockings, beautiful flared fish-tail ends, and a hammer-textured and hand-sanded finish.


Kitchen towel bar. (detail)

Custom fireplace crane for a North Georgia Client.

A custom rush lamp.

Original drawing of the rush lamp the client wanted.

leaf-themed hand towel holder
private residence, North Carolina

custom design oven door for an exterior stone, wood-fired oven in North Georgia
This door was built so that a ceramic centerpiece could slide into the center. The clients home theme is frogs, so I used a chisel texture on the door to give it a rippling water affect.


installed with the client's ceramic piece in place
My client was in charge of installing the door and working with the masonry around it. They did a fine job.

candle holder featuring water-leaf accents, rippled candle cups and wax trays, and all traditional joinery
personal collection


detail of potrack installed in a North Carolina cabin
this design features antique style hammer-texturing, hand-sanded surfaces, traditional joinery, adjustable pot hook positioning.

custom fireplace screen designed to feature hammer-texured and hand-sanded surfaces, traditional and hidden joinery, upset flared ends, double twisted ring handles, and copper accents
(currently available, contact me for additional information)


My touchmark is set in an antiqued copper plate

custom horseshoe sign for a North Georgia client

matching set of 20-inch steak turners

historical reproductions

custom cooking hook for one of my North Georgia clients

set of custom door hasps built to the specs of a North Georgia client.

traditionaly forged, 18th century kettle tilter and hook

traditionaly forged, 18th century four-bar grill

traditionaly forged, 18th century side crane for fireplace cooking

traditionaly forged, 18th century lark spit

base of lark spit

Hand-forged pot rack. featuring, traditional mortise and tenon joints, square drift holes, variations of chisel textures, and hand sanded finish
(available, contact me for details)

tenon joint.

chisel line decorations creating shadow constrasting eliments.

end view shewing corner wave scrolls, tenon joints, hanging hooks, and pot hooks
another overview

 This was a hing restoration job. The large straps were bent up and needed new bolts, hinge plates, and hinge pins. The plates are 1/4-inch thick and measure 9-inches tall. The pins are 7/8-inch round. The hinges were left rusty upon the clients request. The client had an original bolt which I used to pattern the new bolts after.
(Original bolt pictured at left.)
Hinges installed by client.

candle holder, featuring free-hand chased scrolls,.

the candle cups

the base

Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith LLC