Catalog of Iron Work

This post is a catalog of my stock iron-work. This page will be updated as I add more products.

Standard J-hook: great for hats, coats, towels, and anything else that needs to be neatly hung up.

Textured J-hook: this hook is the same as the standard but it has an antique texture.

Toilet paper bar: this bar has a beautiful Gingko-leaf tip, textured and sanded surface, and is topped by a curled Lilac leaf.

Bath towel bar: this bar features matching curled Lilac leaves on either side and a textured and sanded finish.

Paper Towel Bar: beautiful flared Ginko leaf on the end, textured and sanded bar, and curled Lilac leaf

Medium S-hook: I offer four sizes of S-hooks, but this is the most commonly desired size.
My S-hooks are made from square bar bent on the corner and each one has a short twist in the center.

Four-hook coat rack: My coat rack is hammer-textured, hand sanded, made with textured hooks and all traditional joinery.

Change dish: buy this dish to put your keys and pocket change in. It is neatly formed, sits flat, and is textured around the edge.

Bird feeder hook: This hook is great for bird feeders, dinner bells, or hanging plants, not to mention the fact that it looks GREAT.

Traditional dinner bell: The traditional triangle dinner bell is my hands-down best seller. My bell has a scroll end that is my unique design, and a dinger that hangs conveniently from the bell.

Split cross: the split cross is forged, textured, and either sanded or colored.

Celtic split cross: this cross is made the same as the previous cross, but the center is expanded to pattern it after the cross commonly known as the Celtic cross.

Leaf necklace: Adorn yourself with a simply elegant Lilac leaf necklace.

More information and pricing for these products is available on our website.

Contact me directly for custom work.

Dave Custer
Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith LLC