Monday, February 7, 2011

A short mockery of evolution

The other day I was doing some digging for the concrete pad that I am going to pour for my air compressor to sit on. While I was digging, I came across a large amount of broken glass and a claw from some sort of animal.

Being the "full of fun" person I am, I decided to use the opportunity to have a short, well-deserved laugh at evolution.

So I am going to briefly take the stance of an evolutionist doing archeological research while digging in his barn.
Having discovered a tooth several inches below the top of the soil and in the same "fossil layer" with a large amount of broken glass, I can quite clearly make the following obvious assumption! 

Five to six MIIIIIIIIIIIILLION years ago, a half lion, half elephant, half deer (still trying to figure that one out, do the math,) commonly referred to as a lio-phant-eer, died here.
Unfortunately, the lio-phant-eer had died in an apeman's back yard. The day before, the apeman's evolving horse had finally developed it's flying abilities and so the fence no longer kept it in and horse-gull had flown away. Since the apeman no longer had the services of his horse-gull, he could not move the 100 ton lio-phant-eer. (Not really sure how he could have with the horse-gull anyway!) So the apeman buried the lio-phant-eer on the spot in a glass coffin.

Ok that's enough of being an evolutionist for me!
You want to know how we got here? OK I'll tell you!
"IN THE BEGINNING GOD....." Genesis 1:1

Why are we here you ask? I've got an answer for that too!
Rev 4:11
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

Well I've been absent for a while! Updates on what I've been doing are due!
I've been looking at building or buying an enclosed trailer for craft fairs! Well, I found one at a good price and so this is what I have! It is a 12 footer, needs a little cleaning, paint, and shelves, but it is water-tight and heavy duty!

All of my regular readers know that I had a "Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith Company" sign made by my good friend Miss Nicole Hansard with Goat Wagon Sutlers! (
Well, I had a couple of warm days come through, so I put some clear coat on my sign to protect it. Then I thought about the sign she gave to me a while back. It is a smaller sign I use at craft shows that is on cedar and reads "Triple F Blacksmith." It was getting a little dirty and dusty, so I hit it with the 400-grit sand paper and coated it as well.
Both are looking great! Now I just need to make iron frames that are worthy to hold such nice pieces!

On the cedar sign, Miss Nicole took one of my forged leaves and did a similar trace-out of it! Looks better than the forged ones! 

I asked Miss Nicole to do the lettering on the larger sign free-handed instead of stenciled letters. She agreed, and I am very glad she did because I think the free-hand letters just made this sign! She also, at my request, added an elegant scroll on each side of the sign.

I'm now throwing around some design ideas for the hanger for the larger sign! This is my first drawing, though there will probably be modifications to this first design. 




Chase said...

UUUUUHHH Dave. I hate to sound stupid. But wat is that last photo of??? Your sign looks great!!!!! I wish I had one like it. HHHMMMM Sounds like a new project for me to work on.

Master Dave said...

Uhh yea that sounded pretty stupid! LOL That's my big anvil.....I just played with the picture some!

AwaydownSouth said...

That looks like it is going to be one more fancy holder.