Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forging with a friend!

My good friend Master Chase, a blacksmith but little younger than I, had his eighteenth birthday earlier in the month. Unfortunately, sickness was making its rounds through our family and I was unable to attend. After a four-week's delay, we were finally able to visit my friend's place. The highlight was seeing my friend's blacksmith shop that he recently finished setting up. We smithed the day away, practicing techniques like forge welding, nail making, and basket twists.

I got Titus (my younger brother,) to take plenty of pictures!

Discussing techniques and test pieces!

Enough talk! Let's forge!

Since I was the guest in another smith's shop, I was the apprentice! Master Chase taught me nail making! Sounds simple but it is something I have never done with success!

As usual, you can't trust someone else farther than you can see them, with a camera. So, we have the usual run of bad photos.....I wont scare my readers too much, so I deleted most of the bad ones! I just kept two for laughs!

As usual the day flew by. We made a flux spoon for Chase's shop, a few nails, and finished the day with a basket twist.
                                                                         The basket twist!

                                          We ended the day with a friendship forged stronger!

I've got two good friends and Master Chase is one of them! Two good friends who have stayed by and helped me through the hard times and proven true when others, whom I held dear, fell away. They've been there to create great memories and good times, as well! I thank God foremost for the friends He's blest me with, and I thank my friends for being who they are! Stand true!


amateur blacksmith said...

looks like fun, and I have never made a good nail eather. All my friends think I am nuts all but one that is, but he lives about 200-300 miles away.

Chase said...

Dave Custer!!!! I can't believe you put that stupid photo of me on here!!! I will make sure that I have a camera in hand next time we work together!!!!! LOL To bad I didn't have one when you did that Irish Jig. LOL

Master Dave said...

Yea Chase...don't you just love good friends...with blogs!