Friday, January 20, 2012

A new piece and stuff

Title says it all. Here is a modification of an old piece I used to do.

I like this one! It's only about 6-inches tall.

Here is the finished hat rack that I was working on in my previous blog. The lines are a bit different than the first hat rack.

And finally here is the third candle holder. I changed up the chased lines on this one as well.

So that's what I've been doing the last couple of days.

Yesterday, I took a day off from smithing and helped dad cut down some trees. We cut two red-oak and two walnuts for the caskets he makes. We are planning on getting them sawn in a few days. We have to load them on our trailer which should be tons (literally) of fun!
Check back for pictures!


The Adventurous Fellow said...

Brian makes caskets?

Master Dave said...

Yeah! Wooden caskets. He took a class at John C Campbell, on making wooden caskets.

Kaitlyn said...

OK. Does he sell them to funeral homes, or are they another type of casket?

Master Dave said...

He is waiting to get a supply of wood before testing the various markets. (Direct sales versus wholesale.) This wood should be enough to get a selection of caskets built in preparation for sales.

Cowboy Nick A said...

I really like the top two pictures. The detail is very nice. My Grandpa (a carpenter) enjoyed the pictures of your iron work I showed him last night. You almost got me with the gullible joke. :-) One of my friends once asked me, "Nick, did you know that gullible cannot be found in the dictionary?" "Really?" Well he just started laughing as hard as he could. I really got to laugh when he tried the same joke on me years later, and I remembered that he told me before. How does your dad enjoy making caskets? Also, is there (I know this sounds awful) a large market for caskets?

Master Dave said...

I appreciate the complement on the work Nick.

Yeah caskets is kind of a "dead" profession to me! LOL There is a large market for caskets......100% of earth's population. :D
We really haven't tested the market yer, but we have high hopes. The casket that he builds is an EXTREMELY decorative, well finished one, but can be built for a price comporable to standard caskets. It's bound to be a good seller!

The Adventurous Fellow said...

Oh! Kaitlyn was signed in when I commented, thus showing me up as Kaitlyn! I wrote the third comment. =)
To tell you the truth, I actually tried saying gullible slowly, and so did my mom!!