Saturday, January 14, 2012

day in the shop

Off to work this morning. It seemed cold out just by looking at things.

Since it looked a little chilly out, I dressed warm.

Turns out I was right. IT WAS COLD! So cold that my quench tank was frozen enough to hold my 60 pound anvil.

The first thing I do, when I open the shop in the morning, is turn on the air compressor. It takes a while to fill up.

I proceded to my work area, but I found someone in my shop. That's right SOMEONE was in my shop!!! They were hiding on the other side of my anvil.

(Ok so I was hurting for entertainment.)

All pranks aside, it was time to get to work. I put a few tools up and fired up the....uhhh fire!
Today's plan was to forge a couple of bath towel bars and a hat rack.
I used the power hammer on this project.

I always still hand finish. I'm working on one of the leaves.

The pieces are done and getting their protective coating.

After lunch I started on the hat rack. First I had to "upset" the flat back of the hat rack. No I wasn't making the metal mad at me....upsetting is a technique.

Next I had to chamfer the edges of the bar. Chamfering is simply hammering down the edges.

Now I'm working on the hooks.

Still working on the hook.

Tending the fire!

I also did a little chasing on the hat rack. Chasing is an art form of chisel work and creating shadow lines in metal.

The end!


Blacksmith Chase said...

Dave it wasn't THAT cold..... Only 17 degrees... I can't wait until I get my new shop up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cowboy Nick A said...

That's art if you ask me. How long did it take to complete each item?

Master Dave said...

Well thank you Nick! The bath towel bars take about an hour each. I have switched up my tooling a bit and that has slowed me down, until I get accustome to it. The hat rack took about two hours.