Thursday, January 26, 2012

making round TUIT's

What's a tuit?

Round Tuit

A WHAT??? This is an actual hand-forged "Round Tuit." Owning one can be critical to your well-being and success in just about any endeavor. Purchase one and keep it in a safe place, because like most of us, you probably will make great use of it in your daily life. The greatest asset of the "Round Tuit" is its ability to enable you to do all those things you've always wanted to do.

For examble, you can no longer say: "I'll get that physical exam when I get a round to it" or "I'll read that report when I get a round to it."

Teacher's may want to have several handy for their problem students. Wives will find a few of the tuits handy for honey-do-chores such as garage cleaning, window washing, and snow shoveling. Business persons should have tuits ready for the next board or sales meeting.

In any event, for those of us who procrastinate, let's get a "round tuit"!!

Now that we have that established......

I had to make some today......uh one hundred to be exact.
First, these are the two stamps that are used for making TUIT's. Obviously, the first stamp is the tuit stamp.

The second stamp is my touchmark, or signature. FFF

The next step is to cut each tuit. A single tuit consists of a one-inch long piece of one-inch round stock. Each cut takes a minute and thirty two seconds to complete. Instead of just sitting there and cutting 100 of these, I worked on other projects and kept the band saw running to get all of them cut. Pretty much, the bandsaw ran all day today, and about a half day yesterday. I clamped a guide to the bandsaw so I wouldn't have to measure each piece.

Once I got enough cut to start......................

..................I threw a few in the fire. I work with three at a time.

The next step is to flatten the tuit creating a bulge in the sides. This is done under my new tire hammer which I recently got bolted down and perminately mounted. It is a great asset to my studio.

In the same heat, the tuit stamp is driven into the tuit, as well as the FFF touchmark.

The newly born tuit is then brushed off.

Once the steel has cooled off to a more reasonable temperature, they are quenched in WD-40 which helps give them a more finished look.

A finished tuit.

A box of 100 finished tuit's.

It took me a total of six or seven hours to get a "round tuit"......or uhhh a hundred round tuits!


Cowboy Nick A said...

Those are pretty neat! Do you make those for a store or something?

Master Dave said...

Yeah! Stores buy them right now, but I'll be taking them to craft/art shows this spring.

The Adventurous Fellow said...

I'm going to have to buy one from you Dave. I've never seen nor heard of a round tuit! That's hilarious!! Mom said her grandpa had one, and anytime someone would say, "I'll get around to it," he'd say, "I've got one right here." I'm so going to buy one. How much are they? :)

Cowboy Nick A said...

Yeah, can you sell them online?

Master Dave said...

I am not set up to make online sales. You can order one and pay by check if you wish. They are $6 each.
If you want one email me at