Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finished oven door and beginning of a hinge job

After having some internet difficulties, lacking some parts to finish the oven door, and plenty of other unforeseen difficulties, I have completed the oven door job and it is now packaged and ready to ship off.

Once again the frame on the front of the door is for a ceramic piece. 

showing the texture, one hinge, some chain, and the corner of the door frame.

The chain bracket on the door.  

The chain bracket on the outer frame.

One of the two latches.

My touchmark!

I hope to get pictures after the door is installed in it's new home, but for now that job is completed.

Next in line is a hinge job. This job is more of a restoration type. What I have is four 32-inch strap hinges that need straightening, along with new hinge plates, hinge pins, and mounting hardware.

The long piece to the right in this picture is the existing piece. It is a very old, hand forged, strap hinge.
I am constructing the plate piece to the left in the picture

I have made a couple of test pieces to determine the amount of stock I need, the method I need to use, the pattern or shape of the piece I need to cut, and the tools I need to execute the job.
Here are a couple of tools and the test pieces. I should have pictures of the plates tomorrow.

That's it for now!
Dave Custer
Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith LLC

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