Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The trip to Georgia

As some of my readers may remember, Kayla and I, along with Titus and Philip, took a trip to Georgia to visit a friend for her birthday. We went horseback riding and climbed Stone Mountain to see the sunset!
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Here is the photo run!

I had a blast on the trip down!

We gave the foosball table a real workout!

Then we visited the horse pastures! As true ladies usually are, these ladies were taken by this cat!

After visiting the horses for a while, lunch was served. When I finished my lunch, I rose from the table to check out the sweets. When I came back, Kayla (my sister, above right) and Miss Nicole (above left,) were saying something. As soon as they saw me, they stopped talking and started laughing. That is NEVER a good sign, so I sat down and demanded that they tell me what they were saying about me! I could have demanded until I was blue in the face for all they cared though. Anyway, they then left to fetch their dessert. When they came back and sat down, I stared at them both for a second and then said in a serious tone, "I talked about y'all while you were gone!" 
They were slighly amused! 

We went to ride horses....and we did!
A good shot of Kayla!

Miss Nicole and her horse!

A couple shots of me!

Day two with our friend was a planned visit to Stone Mountain. It was a toss-up as to which day we were going to ride and which day we were going to the mountain. The day we were going to the mountain awoke heavily overcast, with the weather man saying it was supposed to get more cloudy and possibly sprinkle later in the day! This was NOT good, as we couldn't climb in the rain and we were going to see the sun set, so it didn't need to be cloudy. Over lunch, Nicole's father asked the blessing and prayed that if the Lord willed, the clouds would go away.
About time we were pulling out of the driveway to head over to the mountain, the sun shone through the clouds and before we reached Stone Mountain the sky was nearly cloud free. Just enough clouds left for the sun to reflect off of with majesty! God is great!

We got there early, so we saw some of the sights there were to see, before starting our ascent!
Here we are at the grist mill!

Kayla and Miss Nicole on a bench 'neath a beautiful tree!

While we were riding around, Miss Nicole told us of a large piece of granite stone at the "rock quarry," that some of her friends had climbed. She told me about the youngest boy who had tried to climb it. "It was hard for him and he is about your size, so I want you to try," Miss Nicole commanded!
Well the rock didn't turn out as big as Miss Nicole described it.....I mean this thing was pebble-sized at a measly 66,000 pounds!
It was a couple feet taller than I, so I couldn't just grab the top and jump up, but there were two little places that afforded me a footing. The first was a very steep angle cut into the rock, that was probably at around a 70 degree angle to the ground, and then there was a little, one or two inch notch that gave me a hand hold higher up. I observed these small holds as I approached the stone. I shed my bag and jacket, gave them to Kayla, hit the rock at a jog, and in about two seconds was seated on the top. Whereupon, Miss Nicole claimed that the rock must have worn down smaller since the last time she was there. (Personally I think she just didn't want to admit that I am really that good! )
Seated comfortably upon my perch!

We reached the top of the mountain well in time to see the beautiful sunset the Lord had provided. Kayla had me guard her pocket book while she took pictures. With a large false grin in place, I whispered to Miss Nicole, "If she doesn't get this pink-strapped bag off of me I'm going to throw it over the mountain."
I did not carry out my threat which is why I am alive and typing this now!

This is Miss Nicole and me coming up from the fence on the edge of the mountain! It is sort of steep there, and we are both fond of hats!

Miss Nicole and me again!
We are walking off into the grim rock-strewn desert! Only one tree in sight!

"Whatch-u lookin at?" "No whatch-a lookin at?"

"Shoot! Y'all take the pictures, I'm takin' a break!"

"Heeeyyyyy what's down there???"

"One wrong step..." "One wrong step and what?"

The Lord's handiwork. It's funny, He just whisked away hundreds of miles of clouds in a few hours for three young people climbing Stone Mountain!
 "Then sings my soul, my saviour God to thee, How great thou art, How great thou art!"

Kayla and me atop the mountain high! It was cold up there!

Kayla and Miss Nicole atop the mountain high! They don''t look cold....riiigghhhttt!!!

After visiting our friend for a couple of days, we went and saw our Grandad in the next town south. Kayla also wanted to go and play fiddle with her former teacher down there. When we got done at the fiddle teacher's place, I convinced Kayla that I needed to go to Joann's. Ehhhemm! Yes! I convinced Kayla that I needed to go! I was planning on looking at the wood to make another model sailboat like I did last year. I also thought about looking at wool and linen in case I wanted to get another coat made or something. Well, the wood was too much, but they had a sale on flannel and I LOVE flannel. So I got a shirt pattern and enough flannel to make about five shirts. 
This is my "don't catch me on camera shopping for fabric," pose!

Kayla liked the pink....I did not!  I so draw the line at sewing me a pink work shirt! Not happening!

Just wondering!

We wondered if I was the only guy in Starbucks that day that was wearing a middle class, mid-1800's patterned civilian sack coat, surplus German officer's boots from WW 2, and a set of throwing knives in my boot.

Driving Dave Custer!

During our visit with our Grandad, we shot guns some! When he shot, he put bullets through the same holes! I just followed the example of my elders!
Me! What do y'all think? I look much better as a shadow ehh!



AwaydownSouth said...

Okay, you have provoked me into commenting! I was not laughing at you when you came back to the table. I was laughing at Kayla. She stopped talking and looked up at you with such mock innocently and dipping sweetness said, “Hey, Dave.” That is what caused me to burst out laughing. I told you what we were talking about, but you must have not heard me, so I’ll tell you again. Kayla was telling me about what you were going to wear - some leather thing- which for some reason you decided against. Obviously, she thinks about it - probably something similar to what she thinks about you wearing the throwing knives into Starbucks. Now, though, when we returned, I asked you what you had talked about about us (our hats, boots?) and again you must not have heard me because you never answered!

Did I really “command” you to climb the granite stone? :-) You are right, the rock was not as large as I described, my memory and estimation was incorrect. At that rate, my memory and estimation of the size of you two boys is probably incorrect as well. Perhaps you are taller and larger than him after all, seeing you are a couple of years older than he. Plus, I was expecting you to haul yourself up by sheer force climbing as he had done - not hit it at a run and leap to the top!! I admit, anyway you look at it, you made it to the top far easier and quicker than I would have thought! So, as my brother used to say, there ’s you another feather in your hat!

Your post gave me a smile and a laugh which the Lord knows was much needed today! Walk with God, and keep praying!

heathfamily7 said...

I love, love, love the way you write!! I laughed so much while reading this and your "Tagged" post!
And God is great! It's sometimes so easy to overlook the "little" things that He does for us everyday!