Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well something happened to me recently called being "tagged!" Now folks, I ain't talking about the game I used to play with my church friends where everyone ran around and touched the folks not on base, and then we all got chewed out by our moms for being sweaty! No, no my dear reader, that is not what I refer to when I say I have been "tagged!" Nor do I refer to those awesome sales that they have at the Joann's craft store where they place red tags on things and you get great deals on "tagged" items. (Yes I happen to like Joann's......they have the supplies to build model boats and sew historical costumes! Yes, I prefer a good gun shop or a welding supply house, but sometimes Joann's is nice...about once a year!) OK, where was I?
Oh yes, I've been tagged! What, pray tell, could I be, "Discoursing" on?

I am sincerely glad you asked!

I have been tagged by another blogger. This means I am supposed to answer eight questions this other blogger asks, then I am supposed to create eight questions of my own and send it (called tagging), to quote, "eight lovely people." That last part is a real bugger of a problem, because I don't even know a total of eight people who have blogs, and I know for certain that at least some of the people that I do know who have blogs are most certainly NOT lovely! (OUCH!)

So for this concept known as "tagging."
This is the young lady, an aquaintance of mine, who tagged me, Miss Kate!
Miss Kate's blog

These are the questions she tagged me with!

1.  What do you expect to be doing in 10 years?
Blacksmithing and boat building! Maybe raising a family on my own land.....that's if I can find a gal that is crazy enough to like me!
2.  Has the Lord done anything recently in your life that has strengthened your faith in Him? 
Most certainly! The Lord has guided and strengthened me through the most difficult situation that I have been fronted with so far! "Details?" you ask! I don't think so!
  3.  Tea or Coffee? That is the question. :)
4.  An anonymous person gives you a free ticket to any destination in the world, all expenses paid, including food, airfare, and lodging. You may take only three special possessions with you.  Where would you go, and what would you bring?
The Scottish Highlands! Three things to bring? That's tough! Let's see!
#1 Underwear...definitely
#2 would be tough out there without them
#3 A would just feel so weird being there shirtless, you know!
OK seriously! I am going to assume that you are allowed to take clothing!
In that case, My bible! KJV ONLY! I would need it to do my morning reading!
A knife.....belt knife! Why? I'm not old enough to pack....yet!
My hat! Forget the boots, I'm going out with my hat on!
5.  Who was your most respected role model as you were growing up, and why were they important to you?
Last time I checked, I'm still growing up! However, to answer the question: General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, Corp Commander, Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America.
"Why a Confederate General?" you say! Because he was a Christian, a man of honour, a man of honesty! If people would pattern their decisions based off of the character of such men, we would have a great nation! 
6.  Do appearances matter? Come now, we want your true opinion. ;)
True opinion ehh? I'm not one to beat around the bush! 
Yes appearances matter! If a young lady in church is in the "attire of an harlot" then, simply based off of her appearance, the young gentleman in the market for a young lady should steer clear of her! Yes, appearances matter!  Ask me something hard!
7.  If you could only bring 3 books (other than the Bible) with you to an abandoned island, what would you bring?
#1 Cruden's bible concordance.....not for the Greek and Hebrew section, NO! Just for the references! 
#2 US army survival manual......just in case!
#3 a book of blank pages....for notes and such! I mean look, I could write a journal of what happened to me on the Island, get rescued, and then publish it, and get filthy rich!
8.  Something you want horribly and desperately… at the moment. ( Be it a CD, a musical instrument or 20 acres of land… what is it? ;) )
A power hammer would be really nice! It would enable me to do a lot more with my smith work!
So… answer the questions, write 8 of your own, and tag 8 lovely people! :)  
Like I said, I don't know eight people with blogs and of the people I do know that have blogs, some of them ain't lovely! So it ends with me! Tell me what you think!


~Miss Kate~ said...

You did it! I didn't think you would. And boy you certainly do NOT beat around the bush.

By the way... I moved. Just so you know :D

"Cowboy" Nick A said...

I'd bring a book about how to build boats with materials on the island. :) And a journal so I could leave when I felt like it and definitely make my money.