Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grading around the barn!

It has been a constant battle since we moved, to grade the area around our barn so that the water runs away from, and not into the barn. The underlying problem is that some moron built the barn at the LOWEST place at the BOTTOM of a hill. Since the barn is at the LOWEST place at the base of the hill, grading the ground away from the barn is very difficult. I have finished one side of the barn after two days of work. Most of the work was done with the blade on the tractor, but there was still a large portion of the work that had to be done by hand. I used some small logs to make a retaining wall that helps deflect water as well as several other alterations to the ground around the barn.

This is pretty much an overview of this entire side of the barn/shop.

Here is the retaining wall.

I was experimenting with a new blacksmith technique the other day. I was using a short v-shaped slot punch, to slit a hole in a bar of metal. Since I was using a short punch, I was using a pair of tongs to hold the punch. Well, I messed up my hammer blow and hit the punch at an angle. This propelled the punch outside of the shop.......uhhh THROUGH my window. The hole in the metal didn't turn out that great but I've got a nice hole in my window!

I've begun work on stock items for craft shows. I have made 63 J-hooks so far, and I am hoping to do 30 dinner bells tomorrow.

Also, on the "to-do" list is a retaining wall and grading job on the other side of the barn. That will be a LOT more work as there will be at least twice the amount of dirt to move. Never a dull moment!

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Cowboy Nick A said...

I wonder why it was built in the valley?