Monday, February 20, 2012

New vise stand

A couple of blog posts down, I posted some pictures of a pipe I cemented into the ground for a new vise stand. I just "finished" that this evening. I put "finished" in quotation marks because, the stand still wants a coat of paint and some shims for a tight fit. However, it is functional as is!

This is an access hole so that I can tighten or loosen the bolts that hold the vise to the stand.

This is the heavy built base that the post of the "post vise" sits in. This has to be heavily supported and braced for the vise to work correctly.

I also finished up 15 Civil War skillet handles that should be bound for Georgia in a few days.
Tomorrow, Lord willing, I'll be working on a small Japanese-style hand hoe.

Over the next few days (maybe weeks,) I'm also planning to work on a new treadle hammer.
I took a class sometime back on a technique called chasing and reppousse. chasing class blog
In that class, we used specialized treadle hammers to do the techniques. When I returned from the class, I sold my old treadle hammer with the intention of building one of these chasing hammers. Due to complications, I have been unable to do so. Finally, I am ready to start building the hammer though. Today I went up to the steel yard and bought all of the metal parts for the hammer. So, for however long it takes me, I'll be working on the hammer when I get a chance between jobs. Pictures to come!
This picture shows a hammer very similar to the one I will be building.

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