Monday, January 17, 2011

Demo Trailer Sale Pictures

I am trying to sell my blacksmith demonstration trailer. This blog is a picture description of the trailer for those interested in the trailer.

For those of my regular readers, I built this trailer 2 years ago specifically for my craft fair demonstrations. Everything was built from scratch. I designed the trailer to carry a functional blacksmith shop that could fit in a standard 10'x10' booth space at shows. The trailer has a coal box that holds enough coal for four full days of forging. It has a nice little forge on the trailer capable of heating up to 3/4" square bar. I really liked using this trailer at craft shows but I am rearranging my craft fair set-up, so it needs to have a new home.

Blower mount with rubber boot to attach to the blower mouth.

Tool and coal boxes. 18"x18"x30" made from 16 guage steel with angle iron frames. The boxes hold about 30 gallons. The coal box comes FULL!

Vice mount area. There is a leg on the trailer so you can mount a post vice or a bench vice here.

    Slide-on tool rack for holding tongs etc. while you work.

The forge: 23 1/2"x36" with two opening gates to allow long stock to be laid flat with the firepot.

The firepot: 8"x10"x3" with four slots to allow ample air flow.

The ash dump for the forge is a weighted ash dump. It seals tight. This is in the open position!

The tongue! Standard 2 inch ball with two safety chains.

Two 3/4" pins hold the tongue in place. The pins can be removed and the tongue slide under the trailer and out of the way.

The trailer is equipped with a 3500 pound axle and two good tires and rims.

Thats all folks.....thanks for looking!

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Duty is our's, the consequences are God's! (General Stonewall Jackson, C.S.A.)
Duty! That sublime four-letter word! (General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.)
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amateur blacksmith said...

If I had the money and if I was in Kantucky I would probly buy it.

AwaydownSouth said...

I have seen you use the “Unmerited kindness. . .” line before and wondered if that was a quote from someone or your own thoughts and wording. I sometimes put quotes on my “Away down South” blog. Do you mind if I wish to post that sometime, or use it otherwise (as in the bottom of letters)?

I have seen where Gen. Lee wrote to his son (I think it was) about duty being the sublimest word in the English language. Have you seen an original source for the wording, “Duty! That sublime four-letter word!”?

Master Dave said...

The original source of Lee's quote. Can't help you there. It may be in my recolections and letters book compiled by his son, but I'm not sure. That is the wording that sounded right to me, but there may be some variation! Shoot, now I'll have to read that book again! :D