Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Coal Mining"

Well, I am (or rather was) out of coal. I have a private source for coal and arranged to make a coal haul. The coal is in a basement adjoining a boiler room. The boilers were used over 20 years ago to heat a rather large building. The boiler room has a single light but the coal room is completely black.

I took enough containers to pick up about 2000 pounds of coal. (roughly 490 gallons) It is a hot, dirty, unpleasant, tiring, and dark job.

Dad, Kayla (my sister,) and I, go to get coal. I scoop the coal from the pile in five gallon buckets and carry them to dad in the boiler room, dad carries them up the stairs, and Kayla dumps them into the larger containers.
When  said "private source" I did not mean I was stealing it.....this is really just to keep the dust out!

Kayla at her station.........

Come on down into the basement!

Welcome to the boiler room....looks a bit like the Titantic. This is dad's station.

This is the coal station. With the flash it looks pretty light, but if you go in there you can't see your hand in front of your face. A flashlight only lights up what it is directly pointed at.


Voluteers for the next run?

Dave Custer
Fiery Furnace Forge Blacksmith LLC


Blacksmith Chase said...

I Chase here by volunteer to help you in your next adventure in to the treacherous coal mine.

amateur blacksmith said...

Is that stuff batonamis or antricite coal? Wish I had been there I could of got me some.

Master Dave said...

I've got no idea the grade of coal I am getting. It is old stoker coal just use for heating so it is probably the cheapest stuff the foreman could get. I do know that it gets plenty hot enough to burn the fool out of a big piece of metal, and it does not stick together very well at all.