Friday, June 10, 2011

Ok been busy

I'm heading back to the John C Campbell fok school in a couple of days, so I've been getting things ready.

First off, this time I'll be going with my good friend Master Chase Saxton, and he will be taking the same class as I am.
Chase's blog

Second, here is my design for a candle holder I will be making.
The water leaves, (the things on the end of the scrolls and on the two opposite ends of the candle holder,) are something I have not done before. I had to make a form and a leaf hammer in order to make these leaves. Here is the form which fits in the vise, and the hammer which was made from a ball peen hammer.

This part makes the "V" down the length of the leaf.

And this part helps to form the ripples down the edges of the leaf.

This is the hammer. The long side forms the "V" in the leaf and the short side does the ripples.

Here are a few of the resulting leaves.

I just finished a draw knife for Titus, my younger brother. It was made from half of a lawn mower blade and seems to work quite well.

In my last blog I posted pictures of a tap and die set I bought. Taps and dies are the tools that are used for threading nuts and bolts. I tried one of the sizes out the other day and it worked quite well.

And that's all folks!

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