Monday, April 11, 2011


Here is an order I made today. Two "Christian" fish symbols. They are 17 inches long and 7 1/2" wide and I had to make two identical.

Step one in forging iron work is to draw the project out in full scale. Pictured here is the drawing along with the four pieces of 3/8x1-inch flat bar cut 22 1/2-inches long.  

Making the first bend. Since the stock was larger it held its heat longer. This was nice as I could bend some, compare it to my drawing, and make adjustments several different times per heat. I ended up bending all four bars to shape in about five heats a piece.

Bent to shape!

Each fish was composed of two pieces. They had to be forge welded up at the nose. Here I am scarfing the metal to prepar for the forge weld.

Here is the forge welding part!

Now the metal had to be flattened out where the pieces crossed at the tail. This was done under the power hammer.

A rivet was placed through the tail, screw holes were drilled, and then a flat black paint was applied. This is the finished product!

We did a single day show last Saturday in Knoxville TN.
This is my new demo set up at the show along with my booth display.

This morning the sun was coming through my shop window and I thought it lit the anvil nicely.

"Turn out, me boys, with hearts so free from fear!"

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amateur blacksmith said...

I like that demo setup, and I think you did a good job on the fish.